One other thing that we truly think is helping keep Farv young at heart is his daily dose of Advanced Canna-Pet. We first got turned on to the capsules when Pivo, our late Australian Shepard, was diagnosed with cancer. The CBD doses seemed to ease Pivo’s pain in his final months, so we decided to see if it would help ease the aches and pains of Farva’s old bones. Since starting Farva on Canna-Pet, we’ve really noticed some positive changes. Mainly, after waking up or running around, he doesn’t limp around quite as much as he used to before we started him on the capsules. He also seems much more relaxed and less anxious in general, especially with having a high energy puppy around. And as a bonus, after years of grumpily communicating when he was getting “too much love” from us (which only ever made us laugh hysterically), he is a lot more “lovey” these days and seems open to all the love and affection he can get. Overall, we are pretty low-maintenance dog owners and don’t over-indulge our pups with many treats or fancy things, but Canna-Pet will definitely remain part of Farv’s daily regimen for as long as his golden years last.