Health Issues:
Duke's Breeds:

Our Dog Duke, he has a bone deformity in this front leg. He has had since 6 months old, when his ulna fused to the humerus causing his radius to keep growing. Which has left him bowed leg and growing up it has slowly degenerated his joint. He is now 9 years old, after been on high doses of pain medicine (Rimadyl, trazadone and tramadol) for over 1 year and made him have anxiety, they said it was going to slowly kill his liver and kidneys; to prepare ourselves that he was only going to have another 6 months. After doing some research we found your website and started looking into what to try to help him, we ordered Your advanced pills and advanced dog treats, they worked great for the last year. We recently switched over to the MAX formula pills and Oil, he is doing great. He has lived almost two years old than the vet said he would! Thank you for making such amazing products and helping our Duke feel better!