Health Issues:
Darby's Breeds:

This is Darby from Florence Oregon. We winter in Florida and she was scratching non stop. She was on flea prevention meds. I had blood tests done for environmental allergies. Came back that she was highly allergic to dust mites. Dust mite thrive in humidity so unless you live in a desert you have to deal with them. Darby was chewing her back legs and tail until they were bloodied. Meds could help her allergies but she would need periodic liver tests. I didn’t like that option. Tried a natural remedy and had moderate success. After her last out break and vet visit, I ordered Canna Biscuits. Darby has been on them for three months and she’s not scratching! I want to shout it in the streets ‘she isn’t scratching ‘! Lol it’s just been that frustrating!