Ditka & Oliver

Ditka & Oliver's Breeds:

Canna-pet has truly saved my family. Ditka my 2 1/2 year old frenchton and my 14 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix Oliver got into a fight over food. After the fight Ditka kept trying to attack Oliver. We were very worried we would have to find one of them a new home because the tension was so high between them. I went to the vet and the vets didn’t seem to know what to tell us to do and then a friend on Instagram told me about canna-pet. I looked into it and decided it was worth a shot. I ordered my first bottle of advanced large dog pills and a box of the biscuits; almost immediately we could see Ditka calming down around Oliver. Several months later Ditka and Oliver can be around each other all the time with no issues. The other night I found them cuddling on the couch like old times. I now use Canna-Pet Advanced small dog pills for Oliver to help him with his arthritis and that’s working incredibly too. Since I’ve been using them on Oliver I haven’t seen him limping at all. My family Loves Canna-Pet!!!