Health Issues:
Dior's Breeds:

My dogs Dior and Gia had very high anxiety once I moved to the big city. I have tried everything to calm them down to every brand name calming treats, kongs, pheromones sprays and even a trainor couldn’t help. At night these two would bark when I am not around or in the middle of the night for months until I decided to make sure health wise everything was ok. The vet decided perhaps it was time to put them on doggy Prozac. I was afraid and before I could fill the prescription I had a scheduled vacation trip to Las Vegas for a friends birthday. That week happens to be the week that Marijuana was legalized. My friends wanted to check out the dispensary and suggested jokingly maybe they have something for my dogs. To my surprise they did. The person who worked there recommended canna-pet. I was desperate to try anything before resulting to Prozac as my silky terroir also has an occasional seizure they are known to make it worse. So I bought the Canna-Pet biscuits. As soon as I got home to my surprise they worked within the first night. I finally was able to sleep through out the night without a single peep. I was still hesitant until days became weeks and weeks became months. 2 months later this has been the miracle I was looking for. My dogs are wayyyyyy more calm but still have the personality. I am so glad you guys ship all over. I wish more vets would recommend your product as oppose to drugs with major side effects. Thanks canna-pet.