Health Issues:
Diesel's Breeds:

This is diesel. He’s 10 years old. We live in Maryland. We found out in January he has either liver or pancreatic cancer. With his age and everything I’ve decided to just let him live his life cause he’s not showing any signs of pain or discomfort or changing his daily routine. Well he started to loose more weight so my vet recommended trying canna pet. We started him on one a day for the first month and he’s now on two a day. He’s about to go on his third month with canna pet. His platelets were a 7 in march and they wanted to do a platelets transfusion that would cost a lot of money so I said no cause I couldn’t afford it. So he went back to the vet two weeks ago for another issue and they checked platelets again and they were back up in the two hundreds! Which is amazing! The vet also told me from seeing him from January to March she didn’t think he would make it past two months but seeing him two weeks ago she said he has completely changed and has hope. So I have to say so far we are quite pleased with this product. We haven’t had his cancer checked yet cause I wanted to give it some more time being on this to see the difference.