Dharma's Breeds:

This is my dog Dharma. She was 15 yrs old last April. She has some issues, like lipomas, and her hearing isn’t as good, but she still is having quality life. She had a torn ACL in her left hind leg. About a year or year and half ago, I found out about your product. I didn’t want to give her meds because of possible liver complications. I also got laser treatments for her too. With the laser and the maxcapsules  I was getting from you, I saw an improvement very quickly. About 4 or 5 months ago I decided to increase her dosage from 2 capsules a day, to 3. It has made a big difference. She doesn’t limp any more. We go on longer walks too. Now she is even going up and down the stairs several times a day! Talking 12 stairs! I told my vet about it. The other day she asked me to write down your website for a client whose dog was having seizures. So I gave her your website info. I work very hard to try to keep my girl healthy and feeling good for as long as possible. The Canna-pet product I use has really helped her.