Health Issues:
Molly's Breeds:

My 12 year old Golden Doodle, Molly, was diagnosed with Laryngeal paralysis. Because of her age, she was not a candidate for surgery. Our biggest concern is when she becomes anxious. It is very difficult for her to breathe. The sedatives the vet prescribed were horrible. I only used one. The side effects were horrendous. My son ordered the CannaPet biscuits for her thinking they might be a good alternative. They have been such a relief to her, that I am never without them. She loves the taste and they work!! I give her the recommended dosage most days. Somedays, if nothing is going on, we cut back. The first real test was when my son brought his golden doodle for a visit. In the past, she would become very agitated when the two other dogs played. After two biscuits, she just laid in her bed and casually observed the commotion. I have told my friends and I know two ladies who have made orders.

Thanks for a great product. I know I am like most pet lovers and would do anything for my girl. This product has made all of our lives so much easier. To be able to ease her suffering and anxiety is worth any price.