Health Issues:
Chopper's Breeds:

This our man Chopper, whom we loved for almost 16 years now. He started developing only what I can describe as panic episodes. He would pace, pant and pull at our chain link gate to get out like his life depended on it. At first, I would dose him with canine aspirin and benadryl to calm him down. It would take about an hour, but he would finally settle and sleep. I hated relying on these meds so I searched for a better solution. My friend recommended Canna-Pet, I read many of the testimonials and decided I would give it a try. He had one episode in the first couple of weeks of starting him on it, but none since and it has been 3 months now. NO more scary episodes of panic with our Chopper. I am so grateful for Canna-Pet and will be keeping him on it for the rest of his long life with us.