Health Issues:
Charlie's Breeds:

It was love at first sight when I met Charlie at the shelter. He was 3 years old and had come to Massachusetts from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. He was thin, his coat had patches of fur missing, he was timid yet feisty and he only had one eye. He had the contagious pit bull smile and when his tail wagged his whole body wagged too. He just wanted to be loved and that is exactly what the past 10 years with Charlie have been. LOVE. Charlie has given more love and comfort to my family than anyone or anything we know. The heartbreak of pet ownership is knocking on our door. Charlie started having a hard time getting up the stairs. His one eye becoming cloudy with a cataract. His playfullness and desire to go for walks to the park decreased. I heard about canna pet from an acquaintance who uses canna pet to help her dog that is aging. I went to the canna pet website. Ill be honest, I thought wow this stuff is expensive. Like many folks I live pay check to pay check, but if this could help my best friend Id have to at least give it a try. Six months ago I gave Charlie his first capsule of canna pet. I am certain that without canna pet I would of had to put my friend to sleep by now. I can’t say Charlie is like a new young dog. I am realistic enough to know the fountain of youth doesn’t exist. I can say that Charlie is comfortable and that means the world to me. Thank you.