Health Issues:
Caesar's Breeds:

We rescued Caesar two years ago when he was about seven years old. We’re not sure how old he was because we didn’t have his veterinarian records. Chow Chow Rescue Society of Florida (from who we adopted him) uses CannaPet with all of their rescues and recommended it for Caesar’s arthritis and general well-being, as his breed often tends to exhibit some signs of anxiety. I researched many natural products and decided to go with CannaPet after reading about their quality control and history of success. Caesar’s arthritis in his front right shoulder is significantly improved after starting CannaPet pad and when he injured his rear left leg while playing outside one time I doubled up on his dose and he was like a new dog! We use the advanced capsule for large dogs as he is 65 pounds. One in the morning, and one in the evening. Thank you CannaPet! Better living through science!!!