Buddy's Breeds:

Buddy is our nine year old British Labrador retriever. He LOVES to hunt pheasant and upland birds. Several years ago he started limping really badly and the vet examined him and diagnosed really severe arthritis in both front elbows. His hunting days were officially over. We live in Idaho and my other two dogs hike in the hills for 2-3 hours a day. We didn’t think he would be able to hike with them, as he came back very sore. We put him on tramadol twice a day, a heavy pain med, but it didn’t do anything for his pain or his limp. Once when he had aggravated his front legs, he literally couldn’t get up, and my husband had to carry him outside several times a day to go to the bathroom. He had to eat laying down. A year ago we had a house near a park in Arizona, and Buddy couldn’t walk the half block to the park and back. I had to drive him each way.

Then a friend told us about their 12 year old Shepard who had responded well to the CBD oil. I ordered the capsules and started giving him one each meal.

To say his response to the CBD was miraculous is an understatement. He has not had a tramadol for over five months, is hiking every day and best of all we took him pheasant hunting last week! He was so excited and despite the intense exercise he was fine the next morning and NO LIMP! Friends who know him well and see him swear he is a new dog. He has a new lease on life and is a happy dog again.