Buddy's Breeds:

This is my beautiful boy Buddy, an Ariege pointer and Labrador mix. We live in Bordeaux, France. He will be 14 years old this year and is having issues with 2 splenic tumours, fatigue, and the pain and stiffness of arthritis. I was very hopeful when I found your site on a pet-cancer blog two months ago. I ordered the advanced max Canna-Pet capsules as well as the wonderful oil and began using them immediately. My optimism was well-founded, as within two weeks of weaning him off the daily Prednisolone and using your CannaPet products there was a marked improvement in his stamina and overall energy levels, and he was able to complete his much -anticipated (though contracted) walks without the laborious effort that had been a source of great concern to us. With his sister he has braved this year’s uncommonly cold winter weather, and happily has returned to an enthusiastic appreciation of his meals. He is certainly livelier now and has resumed his shy tail-wagging and his heart-warming Denzel Washington smile. My boy and I will go as far as he can, with your product hopefully providing him- and by extension me- with the comfort and support necessary to make the journey a smooth and enjoyable one. Thank you so much for making possible his new lease on life. I would ask only if there is any way that you could make your products less expensive and therefore accessible to more families whose pets’ health, and indeed their very continuity of life, would be positively affected by their use.