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This is Bear. We live in Florida! He was a happy, energetic, treat loving dog all his life until about 8 months ago. He gradually lost interest in playing, fetching, and most importantly he wasn’t as excited about food anymore. I took him to my vet and they ran test after test and nothing was found. It was getting to the point where he wouldn’t get out of bed and I had to drag him outside to do his business. He started having episodes of tremors so I decided to take him to a specialist in Orlando. 1500$ later they still couldn’t tell me what was wrong with him. Discouraged and out of options, I decided to try Canna-Pet. I’m so thankful I found you guys because after the treats and capsules for a month he is almost back to his old self! Playing, energetic, no tremors, and most importantly happy! I wish I would have got him started on them sooner. I’m forever grateful, Thank you!