Health Issues:
Bruschi's Breeds:

My Bruschi is a Chocolate lab who was 12 years old and started showing signs of his age with arthritis and two bad hips. After tearing a left ACL keeping up with his two siblings, Bruschi started slowing down significantly (not a candidate for surgical repair.) A few weeks later he ultimately tore his right ACL, leaving him lame and unable to walk on his own. My husband and I were convinced it was ‘time’ to let our beloved Bruschi go. My son Michael suggested we try Cannabis for dogs before acting. Being a nurse, I had to do my research for days before found I drove the representative crazy with all my questions, but I heard all I needed to hear.
Within receiving 4 doses (2 days), my Bruschi was ambulating on his own for the first time in 10 days. It was nothing short of miraculous! After one month of Canna-Pet large breed twice a day, I was able to stop his gabapentin, meloxicam, and cut his tramadol dose in half! Bruschi is now 13.5 years old, and although ‘slow to go’, he’s a mobile, happy boy! I have referred dozens of friends, family, and veterinarians to try Canna-Pet with great results for their animals different diagnosis’s. Thanks to Canna-Pet, I will continue to have extended quality of time with my beloved boy Bruschi.