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Hannah's Breeds:

Hannah is an 11 year old Weimaraner we rescued as a puppy. She has been my best friend (next to my husband) since she rode home on my lap from Tennessee. She saw me through my Moms cancer diagnosis and treatment and was there every time I cried after she died. Two years ago she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis in her spine. We’ve been able to hold it in check with therapy and Golden Paste but noticed she was uncomfortable at night. She would begin panting and pacing about an hour before bed. I didn’t want to use any narcotics so I started researching alternatives and learned about Canna bis for anxiety. I ordered the Canna-Biscuits and started giving them to her in the evenings and I increased her Golden Paste. She has responded amazingly and I’m so thankful I found you guys. My husband gives her the “cookies” every night and he says it’s the best part of his day. Thank you for giving me an alternative to traditional sedatives.