Health Issues:
Bones' Breeds:

I’ve got a foster dog, Bones, who has been through the wringer. Our rescue (You Lucky Dog Rescue) found him in a local shelter with a severely broken leg, horrifyingly emaciated, and drowning in heartworms. Over the next months he battled through his health issues: eventually losing the leg, a heartworm treatment that took twice as long as is normal, and doubling his body weight. Through it all, Bones, while sweet and loveable, was a very anxious dude. He would cry and bark and be absolutely unbearable when left crated when he couldn’t see anyone. We worked on his behavior for months and then discovered Canna Pet. Within 3 days of giving the recommended number of treats he stopped crying in the crate. He let us sleep past dawn! He still fussed if we left him home alone but he was FINALLY peaceful in his crate. It was a miracle. He was also less anxious in general. What a difference in him!When he is adopted I will pack a box of CBD treats for him to take along and strict instructions for his family to keep up with them. Thanks y’all!