Health Issues:

In 2011 we adopted a geriatric boy cat from Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah….he had been dumped at a kill shelter and had so many health issues. He had terrible arthritis, Hyptertension, Hyperthyroidism, no teeth and Chronic Kidney Failure. He was also depressed from having been in the shelter for quite a long time. He had a long transport to endure from Utah to our home, and when he arrived he was clearly in a lot of pain. We had to carry him up and downstairs to the litter box, he was stress-shedding and the the look in his eyes was heartbreaking. We immediately got him onto Canna-Pet, as well as high quality EFAs and good food (not shelter dry kibble), as well as filtered water. Within a couple days, we could see hope in his eyes, and within two weeks he was running up and down the stairs, playing and purring up a storm. His coat became silky smooth and his eyes clear. We only had two more years with him, but for us, and maybe for him, they were the best years. Miss you so much Bogie, so glad you picked us.

The first picture is the sad shelter photo…. we couldn’t get that face out of our minds. The other photos need no description…. happy, comfortable boy, in his forever home.
Thanks for the chance to share his story