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Please take the time to read Bellamy’s story; I promise you will be inspired. Canna-Pet has helped in multiple ways. Bellamy is a miracle, and Canna-Pet has helped so much that I tell everyone about it and have been able to get some veterinarians to recommend it as well.

I adopted Bellamy on August 22, 2010, when she was 12 weeks old. She was very sick with neurological, stomach, and respiratory problems, costing hundreds of dollars the first week I had her. The neurologist believes she had distemper. About a year later, she started having grand-mal seizures in clusters every couple of weeks. Her doctors put her on multiple medications, and it took months to find the “right” dosages and even longer for her body to adapt to where she didn’t have potty accidents daily. We were able to get her to go 6 to 8 weeks between seizure clusters. She is healthy and happy between clusters, but I continued researching. She went to the hospital for inpatient seizure watch so many times that the whole staff knew and loved her. Many tests were run, but everything else was ruled out, so we believe the seizures are a result of permanent brain damage from the distemper.

No one expected her to live more than a few years, but I never gave up hope and continued to research ways to help her. One day, while I was researching, I found Canna-Pet and read everything I could find about it. I was skeptical, but her seizures were getting worse, and I somehow knew she should try it. I told her doctor about it, and she researched for about a week and told me that she found nothing negative, only that it worked for some animals and not others. I started her on a smaller dose just to make sure she wouldn’t have any reaction, and she started going a few months at a time with no seizures and had fewer, less severe seizures in her clusters. When I increased her dose, she went 8 MONTHS with no seizures, which is absolutely amazing. Her next cluster was milder with fewer seizures. Her progress on Canna-Pet brought me tears of joy after the hell we’ve been through. She has had very few hospital stays since she started taking it, which really helps out both emotionally and financially. She had a weight problem from one of her medications, so her energy level was kind of decreased, but when I gave her an extra Canna-Pet capsule here and there, she bounced around like a puppy. She is now off of that medication, and she has been able to almost get back to her normal weight. She had to have ACL surgery on her back left leg in April 2016 and on her back right leg in September 2016. Some pain medications cause her to have seizures, but Canna-Pet helped through down-time, recovery, and therapy. Through the ACL injuries and some other big changes, she did start having more seizures, but things are starting to calm down now, and I’m considering increasing her Canna-Pet dose again since it’s been a few years since her last increase.

I tell everyone about Canna-Pet and share a little bit of Bellamy’s story with them, especially in the waiting areas at the vets, and I hope that her story has inspired them to try it and share the information. Against all odds, Bellamy just turned 7 years old on June 5th, and she is a strong, happy, healthy pup. She still has to take other medications because her case is too severe to stop, but Canna-Pet helps gives her back the strength and energy from the medications that cause some weakness and seems to help with her brain damage. She runs and plays and faces her challenges with a big puppy smile and wagging tail. Canna-Pet has been a huge part of her success, and I believe it’s a big part of why she is still going strong today. Bellamy’s story is truly amazing and inspirational, but I could never put into words just how grateful I am to be part of her life. My animals are my babies, my world, and I am incredibly grateful to have found Canna-Pet. My other 2 dogs, Bowser and LeeLoo get the Canna-Pet biscuits because I know they are a good supplement for them. I hope that her story is shared with as many people as possible, both to encourage trying Canna-Pet and to inspire them to face their challenges with a positive outlook.