Health Issues:
Amara's Breeds:

I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who has had eating issues since she came home at 8 weeks. She was the runt, born at only 3/4 lb and not breathing and dehydrated. She was resuscitated at birth and has done well since, except in the department of eating. We struggled to get her to eat and got to the point where we were giving her anything she would eat. (Hamburger, chicken, pork, ANYTHING!). Our poor girl had such a low immune system that she was constant sick (HPV, giardia multiple times, kennel cough, tonsillitis, demodex twice and on and on). She finally started having constant diarrhea and then vomiting along with multiple cases of giardia. We did all kinds of testing and while they couldn’t definitively state that she had inflammatory bowel disease, she was put on a special diet and has done well, with the except of her appetite. She is 25 1/2 inches tall and only weighs 52 pounds. The Cannapet has helped increase her appetitie and she actually eats now! She is slowly gaining some weight and I am just happy to see her not losing anymore. The Cannapet has also helped with her high level of anxiety and she is calmer. This has also helped her anxiety around eating. My dog trainer is the one who suggested it and I just can’t say enough good things about it. Thank you for helping my sweet girl!!! Amara and I will be forever grateful!