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Emily's Breeds:

My Whippet named Emily had a seizure disorder that grew resistant to seizure meds. When the meds where increased they caused severe liver/stomach issues and she became lethargic. It looked like she was on her way out when she was 12 years old. That is how I came about find out about Canna Pet. Out of desperation I started using the drops when they contained Krill. She stopped having seizures. She went on low dose Phenobarbital and I used Canna Pet with it to control what had become a seizure every day. She had literally got to the point she couldn’t stand or eat due to seizures and high doses of Pharmaceuticals. This product gave Emily such a quality of life once I started it. It only took a week. She went from having to be put in a harness to walk, to getting up on the fourth day of use and walking. On day seven she was like her old self. She would run to the sidewalk and leap a good 6 foot to the dog door on the porch. She also started running in the yard playing Bear Bear keep away again. She was such a loving girl. She lived seizure free the last 3.5 years of her life thanks to this product. We came home this past July and she had passed away peacefully in her sleep in her favorite spot outside. She was running like the wind up to the last day. I am forever grateful this product came along because it gave me three more years with my girl, and she had three good years without seizures. If your dog has seizures this is the product you want to use it will make their life seizure free. What was nice is the company worked with me to get the dose just right so she could be free of seizures. Use it, and don’t delay it makes the difference.

I also used Canna Pet for Hope the Whippet on the right. Hope lost her appetite due to renal failure. She wouldn’t eat when she got to stage 3, no matter what you tried to feed her. I have to say this product did stimulate her appetite and seemed to help her have more energy. She lived for two more years after diagnosis because this product helped stimulate her appetite and made her feel better. So it is also a product that can be used when your dog suffers from adrenal issues and kidney disease. They hate the food that is designed to be used to lower phosphates and it even smells bad. But the canna pet stimulates the appetite and they eat it anyway. So, there are great things that can be achieved by using cannabis with both dogs and humans. It is time to choose products that are natural and less harmful in both cases. I would definitely recommend this product in the case of treating a dog with renal failure as well.