My cat, Zoey, is 12 years old and has been using Canna-Pet for years. Several years ago she had a bad fall, and no cats do not always land on their feet!, she tore her Achilles tendon and was looking at a $10,000 surgery with only a 25% chance of it working and spending a year or more in a cast. The other option was to cast her leg for 6 months and hope for the best, I took option 2, not because of costs but because of her comfort. Zoey spent her time in a cast and was left with a bad limp and unfortunately the time in the cast caused arthritis and adhesions to develop in her hip and spine which caused her pain. Zoey was put on Gabapentin which made her sleepy and drugged, I chose to try Canna-pet and stopped the Gabapentin. Within a month she was back to herself without pain! She still has a limp but I can now pet and brush her back without her crying and hissing from pain. There are no safe pain relief drugs for cats that can be used long term, Canna-pet has relieved Zoey’s pain and made her once again a happy cat!