Health Issues:

My cat is a 12 year old Lynx point Siamese named Zoey. Zoey came to live with us when she was a mere 5 weeks old, she has been through a lot in her life, she has lost three doggie companions, and was with her human Daddy when he died so she has always been a nervous cat because while her Daddy was sick many aides,nurses and doctors came in and out of her house causing in her mind chaos. Zoey was 8 years old when all the stress finally got to her and she had an event that changed things forever, she was at the top of her cat tower and she blacked out falling head over heels five feet to the floor. Somehow when she hit the ground she tore her Achilles tendon, an immediate trip to the kitty ER showed that the tendon was almost tore through but because of her general size and age surgery was not recommended instead she was put in a cast for eight weeks. once the cast came off she had a bad limp but seemed to be okay. Within the last few years, because of the injury and limp she has developed lumbosacral stenosis which is sort of like a slipped disc in humans, LS is very painful and there is at this time no long term pain medicine safe for cats. At first I tried the every three day Medicam, then I tried Gabapentin but that made her sluggish so I decided to try Canna-Pet. I had used Canna-Pet on my old Yorkie when he was stiff with old man bones and it worked wonders so I researched it again to see if it was safe for cats and Siamese in particular as they can be prone to seizures and I wanted to make sure it was safe. I decided to try it because it seemed to be the safest pain treatment for cats. Zoey was on Canna-Pet about a month when I saw her jump up on the counter! Zoey had not been able to even jump unto the sofa for years and had steps everywhere. Now after many months of being on Canna-Pet Zoey jumps on everything, she plays with toys and will jump and chase feather wand toys. It is miraculous to watch her, she no longer cries when I pick her up, I have my happy girl back. You may wonder if it is the Canna-Pet but I know it is, I was unable to give her Canna-Pet for about a month, I was hospitalized and she was boarded and they would not give it to her, and by the end of that month Zoey was walking slow and careful again and limping very badly so I know it works! I am so Thankful for Canna-Pet!