Health Issues:
Winston's Breeds:

My 12 year old Yellow Lab, Winston, has been eat up with arthritis for about 4 years & is really slowing down. He has trouble getting up & sleeps a lot! Labs typically have a 9-12 year life span. I have tried several products from the vet & including Metacam & a couple of different pain medications & really cant tell if they help much. He has been on the cannabis oil for about 7 months now & I could tell a huge difference in him from the very beginning! I really noticed a big difference from day 2 & 3! His eyes are much brighter, he’s much more lively, alert, & happy. He wants to play again & he sleeps less. My neighbors & the kennel I use also noticed a big change in him. So glad to have found something that makes him feel better!! Im a huge fan of this stuff!