Health Issues:
Willy's Breeds:

Willy is my deaf Chihuahua as well suffers from seizures from birth. He is 6 years old weighs 7 lbs and is my buddy. Willy had a pretty good seizure a couple days earlier. I was talking with a friend at the grocery store and one of the store employees told me about Canna-pet so I made a call to Willys veterinarian and I explained to her that I would really like to remove Willy from his prescription medication and put him on a totally natural medication. One that does not ruin his kidneys or liver. She told me that she did not have any problem with that. I would have to watch him closely for a few weeks. Well, now Willy has not had one seizure to date and is going on his second month seizure free. He is such a happier dog. With his old meds he still averaged about two seizures a month. But with Canna-pet he has not had one seizure in two months. Thank you Canna-Pet.