This is Wickett. He is a 12 year old male who became extremely ill from eating the wrong cat food (I am resisting the temptation to include the name). He was hospitalized three times and required two emergency surgeries. His medical bills totaled almost $4,000.00, meaning now he is officially worth more than my car. The main issue caused by the food is bladder cystitis. I just happened to be listening to an online seminar about cannabis, and one of the speakers talked about curing her bladder cystitis with cannabis, so I went online to see if cats could benefit from its usage and how I might obtain some, when I found Canna-Pet. Originally, Wickett was on 8 different medications twice a day. He is still being monitored by the vet, but he is down to Dausequin twice daily and steroids every other day, plus his daily Canna-Pet. He is much improved and hopefully his next check up will show no blood in his urine as the amounts have been steadily dropping. When I took his medications to the vet for his check up after putting him on the Canna-Pet, I told my vet I had added another supplement. Her only response was “I see that”. I told her what the possible benefits are, and she didn’t encourage or discourage its usage, so I’m not really sure what her opinion is. All I care about is my cat being happy and healthy!