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My dogs name is Twizzle. We live in Bothell Washington. She is a Husky German Shepherd mix 11 month old puppy. She started having epileptic seizures about a month ago, and the vets can find anything genetically wrong with her that could cause them. She only had 1 seizure ever 2 weeks approximately, so she was not initially on medication. Then within a 48 hour period she had 8 grand mal seizures! We rushed her to the vet where they told us about the medication options. We chose Canna-pet because the worse of its side effects were the munchies basically. With 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening, she hasn’t had even a single seizure since starting on the drugs. The drugs kicked in very quickly and after only 12 hours of taking the first pill, she hasn’t had another one since. Its been about 20 days since starting her medication. I am so thankful to you guys for providing this medication option to pet owners. It brought my girl back, she was so tired from all her seizures that it took her a couple days to physically and mentally return to being herself, but now she acts just like any normal puppy should, leading a completely normal life!