Trixie's Breeds:

Trixie is my son’s 15 year old Chihuahua(whom I’ve kinda stolen)diagnosed with breast cancer in April. I had absolutely no intention on falling in love with her the way I have! In fact, I was totally opposed to the idea of taking her 2 years ago when my son told me his grandmother’s dog needed a new home. Somehow he talked me into just “trying it out”. I went to pick her up. Saw her shivering on the ride home. I felt bad & stuck out my hand to try and comfort her. At which point, she hopped onto my lap…and has been there ever since!

Well, she’s become my Baby. I take her just about everywhere & absolutely adore her! So I was just crushed, in April, when the vet told me that the abstract growth on her nipple was a malignant tumor. But I began to assume that surely this doctor was mistaken, as no other symptoms developed until October! But it seems like when they did, they all hit at once! Pain, constant pacing, licking the growth almost raw! Loss of sleep & standing by my bedside whining! Depression. Nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, refusal to eat!
Her vet was helping with pain-pills for a bit, when she was still eating, but she’s refused to keep prescribing them without more extensive & EXPENSIVE testing & bloodwork! Then someone jokingly suggested that I give her medical marijuana. I thought it sounded crazy, but watching her suffer was even crazier! So I looked up some stuff online. Then a friend of mine sent me your link. My order arrived very quickly! I’ve been able to force her to take the pills so far. Pretty sure I’ll have to switch to the drops at some point, as she allows less and less into her mouth over time. Anyway, I noticed an AMAZING improvement in her appetite, pain-level & overall disposition in only 2 doses! I am SO pleased with this product & the relief you’ve given my baby in her last few days is a precious blessing! I am SO greatful for that! Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou!