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Toby had been having seizures for several years, about every 2 weeks. When they got to be lasting for more than 3 minutes and more frequent, I started getting concerned. I did not want to put him on seizure meds, so started researching natural therapies online to help reduce his seizures. Discovered from a holistic vet online that grain –free diet is best for dogs, that it has helped reduce seizures in dogs. Dogs digestive system is not designed to digest grains. Did not see much of a change in frequency of seizures with the grain- free diet, but kept him on it, knowing that it is healthier for him. I then read about hemp from a blog posting, that hemp reduced the seizures in a man’s dog, esp the capsule form rather than the oil. He recommended Canna-Pet, so I started Toby on the Assisi Botanicals, small and he gradually improved to the point where he rarely has seizures. He has gone for several months with no seizures. He has been on the hemp about a year. We are incredibly grateful, we found Canna Pet for their superior formula. It has worked miracles for Toby. And Toby is one HAPPY dog!