Health Issues:

She is our Estrella, formerly known as Ruby, was rescued from a shelter, she entering through a direct door to the cage and we entering through the other and that was when we met. I didn’t click, it seemed extremely scandalous, but she wisely knew who to fall in love with. Yes! to Alexander (my husband ) who was reluctant to take a pet home. We made the pertinent procedure to adopt it. He has been with us for a year and two months. Estrella is like a playful, friendly and affectionate girl. Our relationship was going well. When the summer began, Estrella at 4:30 a.m. got up from her bed and started beating her head from side to side until she fell to the floor, we thought she was dying. That day we ran to the Vet, a place that reassured us a lot, when we were greeted at the reception by a greatdane with a French bulldog that made us wait less anxious. Finally we met a super sweet vet who reviewed her and did all the necessary exams and explained to Miranda (my daughter )what was happening are her little sister (that’s how Vet referred all the time when she talked about Estrella) the diagnosis was: Epilepsy idiopathic and should to be medicated to avoid seizures, the diagnosis for us reassured us because with his treatment we would have Estrella for a while, but at 15 days Star convulsed worse, he had 1 episode every 2 hours for 24 hours convulsed almost 11 times every 15 days. Not even the Valium calmed her down, we went back to the Vet and it was when CBD recommended her, we came home defeated very sad and we understood why a dog so beautiful, sweet and beautiful after 5 years had given her up for adoption, probably because of her condition. We immediately bought the Cana-pet but without much expectation, Estrella’s currents were so strong that the patics and her head became super hot with each attack. Three weeks passed and the seizures dropped from 22 a month to only 4. I share this experience with you because I am surprised at the results, it is natural and without side effects.