Scarlett & Garrison

Health Issues:

They will be 15 this year. They get two CannaPet capsules every day. They also get the same nutritional supplements for their joints that my wife & I take. And Scarlett is also on Gabapentin for her sciatica.

We were skeptical about the CBD when a friend Terri at the park told us she used it for her 14 year old standard poodle Bella. She gave me a box of biscuits to try. I saw it start to work. I ordered more. I saw the dogs becoming more spry and limber in their movements especially upon rising from the bed or floor. Garrison can be a finicky eater so the biscuits were a hit or miss with him so we switched to the capsules.

I told a friend Kelly who ordered the oil for his 16 year old dog. I am hoping he has as much success as we have had with your products.

Caring for senior pets is part of the journey. Our dogs are family. We were very happy to find your products to increase their quality of life. Thank you.