Sadie's Breeds:

Our sweet Sadie Sunshine is 15 yrs old. Will be 16 in Sept. She is our world. She’s had the usual old age issues the past couple of years. The week before Easter this year her back legs just quit working. The vet said she had a swollen disc in her spine. She was put on Metacam. This helped her but I was still having to help her get up & down and hold her up to walk or ” do her business “. She wouldn’t even eat! The medication really messed up her stomach so that was another issue.
Friends told me about the hemp oils so I did my research. Found Canna-Pet and decided to give the oil a try. After 2 weeks it we saw a big difference! I started weaning off Metacam and she kept improving! She’s up & down on her own now. She’s eating, wagging her tail, barking and does not seem to be in pain like before! We are so grateful.
She’s still old, not much to do about that, but we are hoping to see her celebrate her 16th bday in Sept.
Thank you Canna-Pet.