Health Issues:
Sace's Breeds:

Attached is a picture of my 15 year old French Bulldog/Pekignese mix, known as an American Bullnese. Her name is Sace, pronounced like Versace without the Ver, 🙂 She is the love of my life and about a little over a year ago she started having problems walking on her back legs and one day would not walk at all. Horrified, I rushed her to a recommended orthopedic vet where I was informed she had severally torn ligaments on both her back knees. Also I noticed she was experiencing pain in her back as well, unfortunately because of her long body shape and short legs she is prone to have disc issues in her back which is what the dr believes is causing her to have added pain from her back. The dr recommended laser therapy on both legs which was every 2 weeks for about 6 mnths and pain medication, which I used Canna-Pet instead and seemed to help tremendously. Then dr informed me both ligaments had healed because of the treatments and no more laser treatments were needed. I was ecstaic knowing that this would not be an issue anymore! Then a few days ago unfortunately we had a reaccurance of her not being able to walk, and falling over when she would try. So of course I took her back to the orthopedic and once again we are back on laser treatments and we are hoping her falling over has nothing to do with anything neurologically however further testing will need to be done. Where Canna-pet comes in is because before, during and now I use it when I notice she is in pain and it always provides relief. I am so glad I found your company on the internet and I absolutely love the fact I do not have to give my dog harmful prescriptions, and that there is a natural alternative available. Hopefully with Canna-Pet and the laser treatments I will continue to have the joy of my sweet pooch for many more years to come!


Sincerely, Chris Devico