Roxy (the black dog on the right)

Hi there, I am located in Lake Forest Park, Washington and I wanted to write to you about Roxy (the black dog on the right) and her experience with Canna-Pet. Unfortunately, we lost Roxy back in 2016. She was 16 years old and suffered from a unexpected major seizure which left us to make the very difficult decision to send her over the rainbow bridge. Now, in 2014, Roxy had a large benign tumor right where her hip met – it was about the size of a soccer ball so it impeded her walking – and we decided to have it surgically removed. When it came to monitoring her pain and rehabilitation, I started doing some research and found Canna-Pet. I consulted my vet and, up to that point, he had never had a patient that used CBD for rehabilitation and advised that we give it a try and let him know how it worked. For her rehabilitation it was a total lifesaver. Instead of pumping her full of pain killers that made her groggy and nauseated, we had the option of a completely natural pain med. She was on her back getting carpet scratches one week after surgery, and I truly believe her quick recovery was from Canna-Pet and of course lots of love and affection from her family :). I purchased some CBD dog treats and the oil, which we only used maybe…a quarter of the littler bottle after surgery. So, two years later when she had her seizure we still had some on hand. I had no idea if it was expired, but I wanted to relieve some of the pain that she was experiencing after her body went through such a traumatic affair. After the seizure, she could barely walk. We had to put a towel under her hips and walk with her because all she wanted to do was pace (probably because she had no idea what had just happened to her). So, I did what any good dog mom would do and tried to fix it. I gave her a couple of squeezes of the Canna-Pet oil and within 20 minutes she was walking on her own and digging a hole to lay in in the garden, because she was overheated from the seizure. A couple of hours later, a service called At Home Vet came to our home and gave Roxy the sleeping med we all know and love/hate. She went calmly and comfortably due to your product. I realize this testimonial is a wee bit late, however even though it’s been three years, it’s still hard to talk about that day. Even now I’m trying to discreetly wipe my tears away. Roxy’s passing was one of the fastest losses our family has ever experienced. At 7AM she was completely fine and by 10AM she was gone. Canna-Pet made her last few hours, not filled with pain and fear, but filled with treats and digging holes (one of her favorite pastimes). Your product saved my girl, even if it was just for a little bit. So thank you. Thank you for creating such an amazing and helpful product. And thank you for listening to my story about a pretty amazing dog.