Reggie's Breeds:

Our 10 y.o. min pin, Reggie was literally near euthanasia. The same week we had an appt for that very thing, I grasped at straws, ordering the Canna-Pet capsules, hopeful but skeptical, as was my fiance. He had a ‘suspected’ slipped disc in his neck that only steroids helped to relieve his pain and discomfort but unfortunately, no animal can stay on indefinitely. The only other solution was surgery that we could not afford. His gusto and will to live was diminishing with each day all he could do was literally lay around and sleep. His cries, whimpers and howling broke your heart more and more and we knew the day was coming we had to say goodbye. He had no quality of life and we even had to carry him to go the bathroom. Acupuncture was highly recommended so we hopefully and excitedly tried it. We were, at that time, also recommended to try ‘hemp oil’ for dogs. I looked into cannabis for dogs and found your site. My fiance was convinced it wasn’t going to work but I had a glimmer of hope after reading all the testimonials. They arrived in the mail the day after we were scheduled to put him down and started him off on two capsules per day. Days went by with little to no improvement but I wasn’t ready to give up. The person I spoke with said we needed to give the pills a minimum of 3 weeks to take full effect. With that, we started him on 3 pills per day and ordered another 60 pills that came with free biscuits. I’m super flipping stoked to report after a short 22 days since his first pill, our baby (mind you, 10 years old), has SPRUNG back to life. He originally could not put any pressure on his left foot(limped on 3 most of the time)and was just told that he was starting to get muscle atrophy from it not being used…since the Canna-Pet, he fully walks on all 4 now, RUNS across the room when he hears ‘biscuit’ and actually looks forward to getting his pills because he knows its wrapped in peanut butter! His quality of life has gone from NONE to a 10+. I’m so glad I gave it time to work on our baby…what a difference this product has made on our lil guy. Thanks Canna-Pet for putting the spring back in our babies step and his will to live!