Rascal's Breeds:

We live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with our 7 year old dog Rascal. On April 4, 2017, Rascal was given a terminal diagnosis of right-sided heart failure and fluid in his lungs due to a malignant tumor on his heart. He was experiencing respiratory distress, fatigue, lack of appetite, and had fluid accumulating around his heart and in his abdominal cavity. He looked like a skeleton with dandruff. The prognosis was that he’d be in acute distress within the week, and we were prepared to say goodbye. We weren’t trying to cure him, because it seemed like his condition was too far progressed. But I did decide to try some hemp honey on his food and it seemed to help his appetite. As a few weeks went by and he seemed to not be getting worse, I went online to find the best hemp product for him and I ordered Canna-Pet. We started with 2 capsules per day. Within a short time, his energy and appetite improved. He definitely was seeming better, so we continued with the Canna-Pet. Within 3 months, all of his abdominal distention was gone, he gained weight, his coat got thicker and softer, and he was acting like a puppy! We recently took him back to the vet because she wanted to do an xray to see inside how his heart and lungs were looking. His lungs were totally clear and his heart was normal size. We don’t know if there is still a tumor because we didn’t do another ultrasound, but it was obvious that Rascal is healthy. We told the vet that the only thing we did differently was the Canna-Pet. She was so happy for us. We are beyond thrilled with the miracle that we have Rascal running around with more energy than he ever had. We are continuing on Canna-Pet forever.
Thank you for prolonging Rascal’s life.