Health Issues:
Penny's Breeds:

I have a Boston terrier her name is Penny and she’s three years old. Penny had been very sickly since she was a year old. Penny is currently going blind she has Chairi Malformation which affects her muscles, and has a reoccurring growth which she’s had three surgeries to cut it out from under her tongue. So after Penny’s last surgery I reached out to Facebook asking for any information any type of help. A distant cousin mentioned how her friends dog has cancer and how she put him on Canna-Pet and how it shrunk that dogs tumor. I decided what did I have to lose my husband and purchased the Cana-Pet. Well I’m happy to say she is just about to finish her first bottle of the advanced Canna-Pet. We have a new dog. She is totally off her steroids and is thriving. We took her on the boat today and she swam and swam and swam. Now a year ago we took her on the boat and the wind blew her over so we haven’t taken her out since. She has also become very verbal lol she’s barking and attempting to play with the other two Boston’s in the house. Thank you Canna-Pet!