Oreo's Breeds:

My baby is 14 years old. Arthritic, riddled with tumors, and a couple of months this ago he started showing symptoms of DM (Degenerative Myelitis) a neuromuscular disease. He could stand up or take a step…when he did he would away and knuckle. I was beside myself with grief having lost his brother almost a year prior. I wept at the agonizing decision I felt I was faced with. After some research I decided to try a bunch of supplements and ordered CBD oil, treats, and capsules. I can tell you that I noticed a subtle difference at first, but it was an improvement! The longer I had him on it the better he got. He started walking( weak but actually walking without assistance or falling over) I was skeptical, but grateful for more time! I will say I have had a lapse between shipment where he has gone a day without it and his knuckling becomes progressively worse. I am completely aware that it isn’t a cure all, and his time will come, but I’m so grateful to have a few more months this with him