Health Issues:
Oliver's Breeds:

Oliver is our 12 year old Labrador Retriever who comes from a long line of champion show dogs. We have since learned that dogs who come from these kinds of pedigrees often have health issues because of the lines being bred for generations. Ollie has been suffering for years with massive lipomas (fatty tumors) all over his body that have gotten so large that it is difficult for him to move. He also has significant arthritis that causes him a lot of chronic pain and was unable to take the anti-inflammatory medication that would give him relief because of extremely high liver enzymes. We feed him only grain-free food and give him excellent supplements. Despite all of our efforts, we recently learned that Oliver had dangerously low red and white blood cells, as well as platelets. The vet called me and gave me this scary news and then explained that he believed it was leukemia or another kind of blood or bone marrow cancer. We were devastated. I immediately began researching hemp products for pets and came across your website. The products were not inexpensive but we were desperate so we ordered some of the packages. We pray for him all of the time too because we adore him and aren’t ready to lose our sweet boy. We returned to the clinic for repeat lab tests and our veterinarian seemed surprised by how much better Oliver looked. I told him everything we had been doing and shared with him the Canna-Pet products we were using. He was cautiously optimistic as he drew the labs to send to a nearby lab. He called me the next afternoon and was so amazed and thrilled to report that EVERY lab result was not only within the normal range but his previously sky-high liver enzymes were now perfect! We are absolutely elated by this great report to put it mildly! We truly believe that prayer made all of the difference and led us to the Canna-Pet products as well. Oliver is pain-free and acting like his younger self again. After years of inactivity, he is rolling on the floor on his back, once again waiting by the door every time we come home and jumping up on the big ottoman that he loves to lay on in our family room! The massive fatty tumors have been shrinking and the inflammation is gone! His coat has never looked shinier or felt so soft. We are so incredibly grateful for these amazing products and have been telling everyone we know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving our beloved Oliver his health back!