Health Issues:
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My Canna-Pet story begins on Christmas Day, 2016. My healthy, vibrant and happy 3 year old Maltese Olive began having cluster seizures out of nowhere. We rushed her to the emergency vet without the knowledge of whether or not she would make it. After numerous tests, and medications they determined Olive had canine epilepsy. She was discharged three days later, unable to walk, see, or hear, basically she was a vegetable. When I called the family veterinarian he said it was not sounding like canine epilepsy and to rush her to a specialty hospital for a second opinion which was only 15 minutes away. He called ahead and informed them that we would need to speak with the neurologist. As the seizures continued I was informed she had a 50% chance of survival and that I needed to make the decision to either put her down, or face an unimaginable medical bill without any proof it would work. I thought about my little baby and how she depended entirely on me. I am the one who adopted her, so I am the one who needed to help her fight. That day she received an MRI and Spinal Tap which determined she had canine meningitis, inflammation of the brain. Olive stayed 10 days in the specialty hospital where she was given 6 different medications, lost two pounds (she was only 5 at the start) and was dependent on her feeding tube. By some miracle olive pulled through. She learned to walk again and was able to regain vision out of one eye. Unfortunately despite being on every medication available for this disease my tiny 5 pound Olive was still victim to at least 3 seizures per week. I began researching alternatives and found Canna-Pet. Olive has now been taking Canna-Pet for two months and has had ONE seizure! In fact, the only time she had a seizure was when she did not eat her meal containing the Canna-Pet. I am so happy to report that my little happy, vibrate Olive is back and enjoying life again. Thank you Canna-Pet! You saved my babies life.