Mermen McDermitt

Health Issues:

Dear Canna-Pet, Before my success story, I just want to say thank you so much for offering a capsule version of CBD. I tried Ellevet liquid but my cat would not eat it and so it was a struggle to get him his daily dose. Canna-pet has helped my little cat, Mermen McDermitt, gain weight and since starting it, he hasn’t vomited once from his IBD! Previously, he had been on multiple different prescription diets, including Purina HA, and had received multiple medication just short of steroids. His hair coat is looking healthier than ever and he isn’t reacting as strongly to his phobia’s (such as strumming a guitar) as he once did either. AND he actually looks forward to taking his Canna-Pet capsules in a pill pocket every night. Merm loves his Canna-Pet and I do too! Sincerely, Dr. Susan Speak