Merlin's Breeds:

My 11 year old Border Terrier’s name is Merlin. At the age of approx 4.5 years, Merlin started to constantly bite, itch & scratch himself. Along with him ending up with bald patches, it became quite distressing to watch him suffer. After tests, it was determined he had an Atopic Skin Condition & was allergic to house mite, dust mite & a dry dog food mite. Along with me putting him on wet food, spraying the house with various products & hoovering everyday, he was prescribed a medication called Atopica. These were £2 a tablet & he took 1 a day. Initially, they gave him sickness & diarrhea but it did stop the itching. After a year my insurance stopped, so I looked for an alternative. While doing so, I realized Atopica was a steroid that slowly weakens the immune system. He was then prescribed Aquapel, a similar medication but with less side effects & cheaper at £1 a tablet. One tablet a day initially was adequate, but at various times I’d have to raise it to two for it to be effective. This was also a steroid & on two tablets a day was doing as much damage. So I was determined to find a natural alternative. After trying various shampoos, sprays & “home concoctions” I came across Canna-Pet.

Being in the UK, after shipping, its approx £1 a tablet, so why not give it a try?
I placed my first order of 30 large capsules on Nov 7th 2018. Over the space of a month, I gradually lowered the Aquapel & introduced Canna-Pet. I ordered my next supply on Dec 12th 2018 & to this day, by sprinkling one large capsule on his dinner each day, he has not scratched, bit or itched himself once due to his allergy.

I can’t say enough about this product. My vet was totally “blown away” & insisted on having the web address. I also put a friend, who has a dog with the same allergy onto Canna-Pet & it’s worked for him too. I’m waiting on the results from another friend who’s just started using it for her dog too. I’m so convinced, I’d quite happily sell it on my personal experience. If your dog has an Atopic skin allergy of any type, or is on either Atopica or Aquapel, I strongly advise you to try this product. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars