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Maggie is my beautiful sweet fur-baby. She is an eleven year old border collie. Her vet refers to Maggie as the Wonder Dog because she has beat all odds in the past. She survived having been born with only one kidney and having to have surgery to remove the malformed defective kidney. She won the first battle for her life, then battled to fight a serious infection caused by the waste that has seeped into her body cavity. Maggie has been plagued all her life with UTI infections, but she takes everything in stride. On June first Maggie was diagnosed with anal gland cancer. Her vet gave her days to weeks to live and was very matter of fact that we were not talking months. I asked members of one of my Border Collie FB pages for advice and someone recommended your product, which I ordered after doing some research. Maggie is doing well. It’s been one month and 21 days since she received her diagnosis. Maggie’s vet now says that what applies to other dogs, does not apply to Maggie! After all she is a WONDER DOG! Thank you for providing Canna-Pet. I feel that your product has slowed and possibly stopped the spread of her tumor.