Health Issues:

My beloved cat, Lyra, now 8 years old, was diagnosed with lymphoma in January. The veterinary oncologist recommended the most aggressive chemo treatment available, and I’m not going to lie, I considered it, but ultimately decided to go the holistic route. I started with the Canna-Pet regular formula, and then bumped her up to the advanced formula. Since we have had her on Canna-Pet Advanced Formula the improvement in her overall health & well-being has been nothing short of remarkable, extraordinary, and miraculous. The tumor is shrinking daily, and is practically gone! It used to be the size of a golf ball and now it is smaller than a pea. Her energy is back to normal and she’s eating more heartily than ever.

I am so so so so happy I decided NOT to follow “doctor’s orders”, and I hope that more and more people will follow the same path, and choose CBD for their pets health, instead of conventional treatments!