Lucy's Breeds:

This is a picture of our Lucy, our 12 year old Griffon Grande Vendeen, a French hunting dog. We rescued her when she was 5 and we have spent many years walking and climbing in the French Alps where we live.

Over the last couple of years Lucy started to become stiffer and less mobile and was obviously in pain. She would improve temporarily but gradually she could no longer walk in the hills , could no longer walk up stairs or on the flat for more than 10 minutes and was in constant discomfort.

Her Xrays showed that she had severe arthrosis through the whole of her spine and the Vet told us it was the worst case he had ever seen and that there was little to be done but keep her comfortable with very strong painkillers. She lost her spark and was no longer the happy, smiling dog we knew.

I looked for alternatives and did some research into cannabis for Dogs and decided to give it a try in the hope that she may get some pain relief.

The results have been truly amazing. Within the first 2 weeks there was an obvious gradual improvement which has continued for the 4 months that she has been using the products. She is back to being active, playful and happy, and although she will not climb mountains anymore, she once again has a wonderful quality of life. She can even run again.

An added bonus is that we also successfully use the liquid to help with her fear of thunderstorms.

It has been a remarkable improvement and we could not be happier with the products.