Lucy's Breeds:

I’ve had my Cattle dog Lucy on CBD oil for about 4 years, increasing her dosage in the last year, while fighting a cancerous mouth tumor. Although she’s just turned 15, in the last month I have supplemented Canna-Pet Advanced to her twice daily, further increasing her to a more therapeutic dosage.

In that time I have noticed she is again able to hop into my truck for a ride (she hasn’t been able to do that for almost a year!), and she’s regained her little “trot” back whenever I call her for her meals. The tumor has seemed to have stabilized, which allows her to still enjoy her meals and snacks. Wow! Even though I count each day as a blessing that I still have her, she is moving with greater ease all around.

Thank you so much Canna-Pet! You have no idea how many smiles and comfort you bring to our pets (and their owners!). You have a customer for life! (I have another dog who’ll benefit too!)