Health Issues:
Luci's Breeds:

I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Luci (I call her Lulu) that fell about a year ago and hit her head on the baseboard in our home which triggered a seizure. She had them sporadically for a time and then it seemed like she was fine. However, I now know that she was probably having them during the day while I was gone. They started to come more frequently and so I took her to the vet again and they recommended I start her on Keppra to get the seizures under control. They prescribed 500mg time release tablets 2x per day (every 12 hours). I was hesitant about putting her on medication, but didn’t have enough knowledge at the time to decline this treatment.
I started doing some research and came upon the Canna-Pet products and did some additional research on cannabis for dogs. Needless to say, I ordered the products immediately. I would give Lulu a treat whenever she seemed to be struggling and still having breakthrough seizures. As the weeks went on, Lulu started to act like her old self again, happy and playful, so I continued with the regiment. Just in the past few weeks, she started to change again and was sleeping all the time, grumpy and didn’t want to play. I noticed her breathing was a bit labored and started to get concerned. So, I started researching this Keppra again and found that she most likely was having some reaction to the drug. I then found a Naturopathic vet and got her in for a visit. The vet was shocked to hear that Lulu was on 500mg 2x per day. When she looked up the dosing for her size she said that she should only be getting a maximum of 130mg 2x per day. They were overmedicating her by 3x the maximum dose, scary stuff. I had cut her dosage to 500mg 1x per day prior to this visit with the vet and supplemented with Canna-Pet dog treats and within a few days, she was back to her old happy, playful self. My suspicions were right on and I’m thankful that I know my girl well enough to take a chance and reduce the medicine.
Needless to say, the new Vet and I have decided to titrate Lulu off the medicine and strictly manage her with cannabis. Canna-Pet products will always be a staple in our home. I’m grateful that I found your products and that they work so well. This way Lulu will not have anymore adverse effects from the medication she was on and her liver will remain clean and unharmed.

Luci & I thank you so much for developing the yummy Canna Treats!