Health Issues:
Luca's Breeds:

We found out Luca had cancer in October of 2017. We went the traditional route of chemo as per the specialty vet we were referred to. He seemed to respond well, and we were happy to get to love him a little longer. However, just over one month after the chemo treatments ended, the cancer was back. We decided not to put Luca through anymore chemo. We were given Prednisone to try and keep him comfortable for as long as possible and were told that was the only available option. We were given 4-8 weeks left with him. I was hesitant to do the Prednisone, so I started to do some research. Even though the oncologist said I could continue feeding as normal, I decided to switch his food to Wellness Core Raw Rev Lamb to try to limit the amount of grains and starches. My vet also gave us Wei Qi Booster to help to boost his immune system. Finally, I found Canna-Pet. I started with the Advanced Max and am now using the Advanced. All these changes were initially just to try and keep Luca comfortable and happy for as long as we could. We did not have much hope of anything beyond that. Our 8 weeks was up 1 week ago! And Luca is still being Luca – loving his ear rubs and car rides, playing “hide and seek” with our son, and bringing us his toy bone to play if we aren’t paying attention when he thinks we should – even still attempting to “table surf” every chance he gets. We are sosososo grateful to have found Canna-Pet and the support it has given Luca! His quality of life has been beyond anything I could have hoped for at this point! Thank you!