Health Issues:
Loba's Breeds:

Loba is the gorgeous redhead in this photo. At the time this picture was taken, she had terminal cancer in her leg. We had just done the operation and were trying to decide whether to do chemo. Because of they type of cancer and its aggressiveness, it was definitely going to return. It was just a matter of slowing down its return, while keeping Loba comfortable enough to still enjoy life. When one or the other of those tipped the scales, it would be time to let her go. Loba is an unusual girl. She was very dedicated to fulfilling her responsibilities here on earth during her lifetime, and she needed more time to complete her job. So it was up to me to get her that time. We did end up doing Chemo, which did not make her feel well. And that is where Canna-Pet’s Advaned Max-Hemp Liquid drops came in. After treatment, Loba would come home, sleep, then wake up pacing and in significant discomfort. Four drops of Canna-Pet on her tongue, less than 4 minutes time, and comfort would wash over Loba, she would lay down comfortably on her bed and sleep the night. Another 4 drops in the morning would last her well through the day. This enabled Loba to last all the way through Chemo. After Chemo we kept up the drops to maintain Loba’s comfort as long as possible. And it worked. She was on pain meds, but the pain meds alone were not nearly enough and after dinner she would begin pacing and panting. So each night i’d give her the Canna-Pet drops, within a few minutes, she would experience the needed comfort and would settle down for a night’s sleep. Hemp is also said by many to be able to fight cancer, so that possibility was an added plus. Loba did have the time she needed to finish her work here on earth and is now free. She is still with me, but in spirit form. I adore her with all my life. I’m so very grateful to Canna-Pet for helping her have the time she needed – and in comfort. Her brother, the Mastiff who is kissing me, is still with me. He developed a serious skin condition which we believed was allergy related. And that is a separate testimonial for Canna-Pet . . . . . . .