Lily's Breeds:

Lily it’s an 8 year old rescue. Her breed: cuddlebug; although there also appears to be some German Shepherd and Pit, as well. She has always been a busy girl which is great because she has endured major health issues most of her life. Starting at 2 with severe ITP and followed by; a spider bite leaving scar tissue from the necrosis, 2 back injuries, liver complications, Lyme, Vestibular Disease, and she was treated with a slew of medications. In the summer of 2017 she began showing pain in her back legs, then all joints. Her Lyme was back and arthritis was there too. She went from running everywhere she went to eating dinner and going straight to her bed. It was devastating. I knew she couldn’t tolerate anymore medications. At this point they would cause more harm than good. I put her on a raw food diet, starting treating the reoccurring Lyme holistically, and added Canna Pet. Initially I saw a difference with the addition of the hemp. Lily now takes a Max Hemp pill in her breakfast every morning and a Max Hemp biscuit before bed. She is now regaining muscle due to her increased mobility and pain relief. She’s playing with toys and chasing her brother. She loves her hemp treats! Seeing the old Lily back is one of the greatest joys!